Our Central Oregon Driving Programs

We are able to provide a number of Driver Education options and we do our best to fit your schedule needs into our schedule.  Our instruction consists of taking a student from simple to complex driving skills.  Our curriculum is derived from the most current ODOT curriculum and we use a combination of lecture, power point presentation, and hands on activities, homework, quizzes and tests.  Behind-the-Wheel instruction includes but is not limited to:

• Driver and Car Readiness
• Smooth Starting, Stopping and Turning
• Residential driving
• City driving
• Rural driving
• Parkway/Freeway driving
• Angle/Perpendicular/Parallel parking
• Defensive driving skills
• Fuel economy skills
• Driver courtesy skills

Driving Program Options:


1. New Driver 15 yrs or Older without Driver License - 25 Hour Full  Program:

  • 15 hours of Classroom Instruction – includes all required materials.
  • 10 hours of One on One Behind-the-Wheel instruction.
  • 10 hours of homework (inc. reading, work sheets, documented observations).
  • Also requires 5 hours minimum of practice drive with parent/guardian during program duration.

Successful completion of this program earns a Certificate of Completion that may be presented to your insurance company.

Program Cost - $795.00  by check or cash

2. 15 years and older with or without Driver License – 

Behind-the-Wheel Only Instruction:

  • 10 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction

            Program Cost - $895.00

To register, please Contact Us or call Mark at 541-647-0478.

3. Pre-DMV Drive Test Evaluation:

  • 1.0 hour of Behind-the-Wheel evaluation prior to taking the DMV Driver Skill Examination.  This evaluation will be completed in our Ford Escape or Subaru Outback.

Evaluation Cost - $ 75.00

To register, please Contact Us or call Mark at 541-647-0478.

4. Private Tutoring:

  • For those who may be having difficulty with Driver Education, additional tutoring is available for Classroom lessons and/or Behind-the-Wheel lessons.

Tutoring Cost - $65.00 per hour for Classroom
                      - $80.00 per hour for Behind-the-Wheel

To register, please Contact Us or call Mark at 541-647-0478.