Our Central Oregon Driving Programs

Mark and Chris are retiring, therefore we are no longer accepting new students.  Please contact High Desert ESD for your driver education needs. 

We are able to provide a number of Driver Education options and we do our best to fit your schedule needs into our schedule.  Our instruction consists of taking a student from simple to complex driving skills.  Our curriculum is derived from the most current ODOT curriculum and we use a combination of lecture, power point presentation, and hands on activities, homework, quizzes and tests.  Behind-the-Wheel instruction includes but is not limited to:

• Driver and Car Readiness
• Smooth Starting, Stopping and Turning
• Residential driving
• City driving
• Rural driving
• Parkway/Freeway driving
• Angle/Perpendicular/Parallel parking
• Defensive driving skills
• Fuel economy skills
• Driver courtesy skills

Driving Program Options:


1. New Driver 15 yrs or Older without Driver License - 25 Hour Full  Program:

  • 15 hours of Classroom Instruction – includes all required materials, provided via Zoom
  • 10 hours of One on One Behind-the-Wheel instruction. Scheduled with each student based on their school/sports/work schedule.
  • 10 hours of homework (inc. reading, work sheets, documented observations).
  • Also requires 5 hours minimum of practice drive with parent/guardian during program duration.

Successful completion of this program earns a Certificate of Completion that may be presented to your insurance company.

Program Cost - $1195.00

2. 15 years and older with or without Driver License – 

Behind-the-Wheel Only Instruction:

  • 10 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction

            Program Cost - $1195.00

To register, please Contact Us or call Mark at 541-647-0478.

3. Pre-DMV Drive Test Evaluation:

  • 1.0 hour of Behind-the-Wheel evaluation prior to taking the DMV Driver Skill Examination.  This evaluation will be completed in our Ford Escape or Subaru Outback.

Evaluation Cost - $ 100.00

To register, please Contact Us or call Mark at 541-647-0478.

4. Private Tutoring:

  • For those who may be having difficulty with Driver Education, additional tutoring is available for Classroom lessons and/or Behind-the-Wheel lessons.

Tutoring Cost - $85.00 per hour for Classroom
                      - $100.00 per hour for Behind-the-Wheel

To register, please Contact Us or call Mark at 541-647-0478.