Freezing Fog Tips

Freezing Fog Tips

Freezing Fog - It makes the trees and shrubs look beautiful with the long ice crystals that form on most surfaces.  It also creates an ice layer on the roads and cars. 

When you have to drive in freezing fog give yourself extra time to warm up the car and extra time to get where you are going.  Make sure before you leave your driveway or pull away from the curve that all your windows are ice free and you can see out of them.  If you are involved in a collision because you can't or didn't see someone due to ice on your windows then you are responsible for the collision.

During the day the sun may burn through some of the fog and melt some of the ice, use extreme caution when driving through the transition areas.  Where you go from sun to fog, you may encounter icy roads.

Best tip - Give yourself extra time and slowdown!  Be Safe and enjoy the beauty (but not when you're driving!)

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