Intersections and Pedestrian Crossings

Intersections and Pedestrian Crossings An intersection is defined as any location where two or more streets/roads come together.  They may be any shape, any number of streets/roads converging and may or may not have signals or signs to designate right of way.  Oregon Law states that Every Intersection has a legal crosswalk whether the crosswalk is painted or not.  The exception to this rule is if there is a sign specifying that there is no crosswalk.  What this means to drivers is if there is a pedestrian standing at an intersection who appears to have the intent to cross, the auto driver must stop and yield to that pedestrian unless that intersection is signalized and the pedestrian has a stop/don't walk signal.  Please share this with your family drivers and help keep our pedestrians safe.  Remember each of us is a pedestrian at some point in the day and we don't like it when drivers make us seem like targets.

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