Move Over It's The Law

Move Over It's The Law

The Move Over Law (ORS 811.147) states that if you are driving up behind any type of police car or emergency vehicle pulled over on the roadside with emergency lights flashing you must:

  • Move Over into another lane.
  • If you can't safely change lanes, SLOW DOWN.
  • In all cases, the driver must try to provide as much room as possible for the emergency vehicle.

Failure to obey this law can cost drivers up to $355.

The Move Over Law is in place to help protect law enforcement officers and workers from a deadly threat they face on a daily basis: speeding and inattentive drivers.  But the law also exists to protect you.  Save yourself and those in your car from the physical and emotional dangers of a crash.  The flashing lights are your cue to move over and slow down.

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